Atlantic Lobster Sustainability Measures -- ALSM

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has announced that it has allocated $50 million to be invested over five years in Atlantic Lobster Sustainability Measures (ALSM) to help restructure the industry and to support those in the industry who develop and implement long-term sustainability plans. This fund is available to all commercial harvester organizations in Atlantic Canada. Securing funding under the ALSM programme is a 2-stage process. LFAs must first have DFO approval for their LFA-wide Sustainability Plan before commercial harvester groups can seek approval of proposals for partial funding of projects. DFO will partially fund eligible expenses in three main project categories:
    • Conservation and Stewardship
    • Harvester Organization Governance
    • Restructuring and Rationalization (to reduce fishing effort)
To be eligible to apply for ALSM funding, an organization must develop an LFA-wide sustainability plan and have it approved by the DFO. ALSM funding provides a maximum of 30% funding (and only if sustainability results plan to EXCEED standards set out by DFO). The remainder of project funding must come from the fishermen, partner institutions and other sources of funding. This is a large undertaking, considering it must include all fishermen in LFA 27. The next deadline for applications to DFO is September 30, 2010.
More detail on DFO's ALSM can be found in the document on Terms and Conditons for Contribution Program. The Proposed Project Results, as outlined by DFO in the document are copied here.