FRCC Press Release recommends culling of seals

Sept 15, 2011

The Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (FRCC) released today to the Honourable Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, its report entitled, Towards Recovered and Sustainable Groundfish Fisheries in Eastern Canada. The report provides guidance for promoting the recovery of groundfish stocks (with an emphasis on cod) in Eastern Canada and the rebuilding of sustainable fisheries based on those stocks.

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The lobster Council Press Release

November 23, 2010

Long Term Value Strategy for Canadian Lobster released

Seafood consulting economists Gardner Pinfold have recently completed their extensive study of the Canadian lobster industry and presented to the Lobster Council of Canada.

The “Long Term Value Strategy for the Canadian Lobster Industry” has been underway since January and was co-funded by the five Eastern provinces and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agencies Community Adjustment Fund Lobster Initiative.

The strategy outlines many of the challenges (strong currency, global recession, strong landings, industry co-operation, quality, pricing) faced by the lobster industry and provides explicit goals and objectives and a set of industry initiatives to increase the market value of lobster products.

Lobster Council Chair Ian Wentzell noted, “All sectors of the lobster industry have been a proponent of the Gardner Pinfold report. This type of activity highlights the importance of the work of the LCC as one of its primary goals is to bring together a very diverse industry to work on common goals.   The report documents the current structure of the industry and the factors limiting growth in the current economic environment.  Mr Gardner in his report has presented industry with a number of options available to all sectors, which could potentially lead to improved economic performance over the long term. “

The Lobster Council of Canada have endorsed the value strategy at their meeting in Moncton on October 1 and will set up two working groups based on the processing and live shipping sectors to review the recommendations and decide on next steps.

Harvester and Lobster Council Executive member from Dipper Harbour, N.B., Greg Thompson, noted, “The report tells me that we have gone as far as we can go treating the lobster fishery like the ‘wild west’.  In order to increase profitability we need to bring structure so we can make sound business decisions.  All parties must participate for success.”

Lobster Council Vice Chair and harvester from Cheticamp, N.S., Leonard Leblanc agreed, “The Gardner Pinfold Report has given us a reality check. It focuses on the outstanding problems and possible solutions.  Continuing on our current course of action is not leading us in the right direction for our future.”

The report will be distributed to all in the industry and the Lobster Council looks forward to extensive industry consultation and discussion about the recommendations from the strategy.

The report summary is available for Downloading or viewing.

The Government of Canada Provides $3 Million to Two Lobster Harvesting Groups to Implement Sustainability Measures

October 13, 2010

The Honourable Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, today announced that a total of $3 million has been provided to the Regroupement des pêcheurs professionnels du sud de la Gaspésie (RPPSG) and the Association des pêcheurs propriétaires des Îles-de-la-Madeleine (APPIM) through the Atlantic Lobster Sustainability Measures program to help the groups implement new measures in the Quebec lobster fishery. This will build on their previous efforts towards sustainability.
“These two lobster harvesting groups are among the first ones to receive funding to implement sustainability projects in their Lobster Fishing Areas,” said Minister Shea. “This is an important step forward for conservation and improved economic viability of Canada’s lobster fishery over the long term.”

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Atlantic Lobster Sustainability Measures (ALSM) Update

Brought to you from the Lobster Council Newsletter June 2010

To date there have been several large projects announced taking advantage of the $ 50 million dollar, five year DFO program called Atlantic Lobster Sustainability Measures (ALSM).  Some highlights are as follows:

New Brunswick rationalization – $ 11 million loaned by NB provincial government along with ALSM funds to allow for the buy-out of approximately 150 licenses in the Gulf region (about 13 %);

Prince Edward Island - $ 3 million loaned by PEI provincial government along with ALSM funds to allow buy-out of 34 licenses in Prince County;

Newfoundland -  $431,000 from ACOA and $176,000 from the ALSM to measure the effectiveness of conservation efforts implemented in the lobster industry. The research will support enhanced market development and lay the groundwork for the resolution of a number of issues which currently detract from sustainable industry and market development in the lobster fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Editor's note: The province of Quebec has also provided assistance in terms of a loan for a buyback. So.... what will our Province of Nova Scotia do for us?

Lobster Hatchery
I recently had a visit at the Lobster Hatchery of the Northumberland Fisheries Museum in Pictou. The whole hatchery is housed in a small boathouse on the waterfront. They have been in operation for 4 years now. In 2007 they released 25,000 Stage IV lobster, 2008 75,000 and 2009 66,000 (despite a huge loss due to, probably, a bad batch of feed). Set up costs were $120,000 and annual operating costs are $50 to $60,000 paid for by the Northumberland Fishermen's Association. They have a very dedicated biologist on staff -- Jennifer Feehan, and a volunteer engineer whose contributions to the project are outstanding -- Gary Nowlan. I would encourage a visit, if you're in the area. It's an exciting venture, simple and small yet very effective and the staff are more than willing to share their expertise.
The blue tank and tanks behind are part of the water circulation/filtration system. 2 cone-shaped tanks on the right are smaller lobster larvae holding tanks.

This tank is full of larvae!                                      
                                                                         The spawning tank: left are berried lobster, right is a fine mesh net where freshly
hatched eggs flow to.

LFA27 Science Committee
The LFA27 Science Committee met on March 30th, 2010. Notes from that meeting as well as the science report have been posted on our Lobster Science page.

Lobster Season Opens May 15th
The Lobster Advisory Committee met on march 31 2010 and voted on a start date of May 15th. Results are: 9 harbours voted for the 15th, 3 for the 8th and 2 reps were missing.
Despite what your conditions say -- start date is May 15th! (Your conditions may say May 13th, but that is an error on the part of DFO!)

Lobster Fishery Advisory Meeting – LFA 27

In an effort to inform ALL fishermen, we are posting the news of the next LFA27 Lobster Advisory Committee meeting. You are all invited HOWEVER, most important: be sure and attend your local meeting to help you rep deal with things on the agenda  such as season opener ....

A pre-season meeting of the Lobster Advisory Committee – LFA 27 will be held:

      Wednesday, March 31st, 2010. 10:00 a.m.
      at the  Membertou Trade and Convention Centre
      50 Maillard Street, Membertou, NS

The Agenda is as follows:
1.      Introduction and review of Agenda
2.      Feedback on the 2009 Lobster Season
3.      Science discussion/presentation
4.      Season start dates
5.      Review of 2010 License Conditions
6.      IFMP - Integrated Fisheries Management Plan
7.   ALSM - Atlantic Lobster Sustainability Measures

8.   Advisory Committee Membership - update contact information

For the minutes, go the the LFA 27 Advisory Committe Meetings

LFA 25 Fishermen submitted their proposal to ALSM
Follow the link from the PEIFA website or click HERE to go directly to the news page.

LFA 27 Management Board:
An article appeared on Saturday March 6 in the Cape Breton Post on the Management Board. In case you missed it, you can view it by clicking the button View at the bottom of the page below the Attachments notice.
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