2011 Science programme for LFA27

We have received funding from the NS Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, from ECBC and from the Student Employment Program of the NS Economic and Rural Development.

In LFA27, there are 3 students collecting at-sea samples for the LFA27 Management Board. 2 of the students are hired by the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society (FSRS) and one by the LFA27 Management Board. They are all going out on lobster boats from Bay St. Lawrence to Louisbourg and sampling everything caught in the traps -- from undersized lobster to berried females and everything in between. They take size measurements and sex them. They are also noting by-catch -- we don't have much by-catch here, but have no proof. Their work for the FSRS is the lobster node project -- sampling of berried females. Each berried female is measured and the eggs are staged and comments are noted.

Alice Gaudet: From Smokey to Bay St. Lawrence and on

Hello my name is Alice Gaudet and I am one of the new fisheries technicians for LFA 27 Management Board and the  Fisheries and Scientist Research Society.  I was a bit late coming on board but am extremely happy that circumstances brought me to this important work.  I am from Meteghan, Digby County, N.S. and I am covering the area of Bay St. Lawrence to Smokey.  It is a great opportunity for me to explore the beauty that is Cape Breton.  After the lobster season I will continue working sampling lobster larvae in False Bay.  I have completed my first year of a 2 year Fisheries & Wildlife Technician diploma program at the College of  the North Atlantic in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.  I will be returning there in September to complete my studies.  This opportunity to apply some of what I have learned in my course will be invaluable to me.  Having a job that permits me to be outdoors and on the water is like a dream come true.

Ben Boutilier: From Little River to Alder Point

Hello my name is Ben Boutilier and I am one of the new fisheries technicians for LFA 27. I am from Little Pond, Nova Scotia, which is in the Florence/Bras d’or area of Cape Breton. For the past four years I have attended Cape Breton University and I have recently graduated with a BSc in biology. My main focus of study was on marine and invertebrate life, along with their behaviours and ecology. While working for the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society and the LFA27 Management Board, I will be helping with the Board’s at-sea sampling project as well as the lobster node project and performing some quality control. I am looking forward to spending the summer out doors and can’t wait for a fun filled summer.

Kristen MacLeod From South Bar to Louisbourg

Hello everyone! My name is Kristen MacLeod and this summer I am working for the LFA27 Management Board and the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society (FSRS) as a Fisheries Technician. I am from River Ryan and I have just completed my second year towards my Bsc. in Biology at Cape Breton University. This summer, the Board and FSRS have given me the opportunity to assist in their research while still getting to enjoy the great outdoors, which is any biologist’s dream!  As a Fisheries Technician I will be focusing on the Lobster Node Larval Study, the Lobster Recruitment Project, and At-sea Sampling for the LFA27 Management Board. So far this job has been very rewarding. I have met some great people who have been very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. I have already learned so much from the fishermen partaking in these programs and the season has only just begun! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to assist in and contribute to these studies and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the season will unfold. 

Alice Gaudet is covering the area from Bay St. Lawrence to Smokey. She has come on board recently and will continue after the season to sample lobster larvae in False Bay.

The results will be presented at general meetings of the LFA27 Management Board in the fall of 2011. We look forward to your comments!

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